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Our primary goal is to preserve and revitalize historic buildings, communities and places in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Georgia. We work with a variety of stakeholders in accomplishing this mission, including property owners, residents, neighborhoods, developers, cultural heritage organizations, educational institutions and public officials.

We focus on historic preservation and sustainable community planning which definitely includes working with non-profits and others, on adaptive re-use of the significant quality and quantity of historic building stock in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara.

Retention and restoration of our built environment fosters not only a sense of place but also helps to build an engaged community. By reusing places from the past, we are creating a better future for Adjara.


Gone are the days when people learned about history simply from reading books. People are increasingly looking for experiences that bring history to life in an engaging way and nothing beats standing on the spot where history happened. We offer a wide range of heritage tours that will inspire and educate people of all ages. During our tours people experience the history of Georgia where it really happened.


Heritage preservation contributes to creating a sustainable built environment and resilient communities.
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