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We are concerned about preserving the historic buildings and resources in our community, so we organize advocacy efforts to save threatened resources and influence preservation-related policymaking.

We rely on a range of strategies in order to advocate for the preservation of historic buildings and places. There is no universal approach to advocacy. Each situation requires a unique plan and approach. It involves the work of many, and issues can often take years to resolve. Our efforts include responding to specific threats, assisting property owners and residents with historic designation, educating our community and professionals in preservation practices and supporting stronger preservation policies and incentives.

We believe that advocacy should start at an early age. We encourage greater awareness in our comprehensive schools of Georgia’s rich natural and cultural heritage with an engaging and stimulating visit from one of our heritage expert.

Our purpose is to promote recognition of the diversity of Georgian culture and regional cultures in Adjara, as well as to develop and support local heritage projects and serve our members as the central lobbying body of local heritage work.


Our work enhances communities, empowers citizens, promotes local economic development, and offers environmentally sound solutions.


We identify compatible economic development opportunities for the project area.


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