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We enhance awareness and understanding of historic preservation.

Preservation is not possible without education. It is our strongest tool. We need to understand what we are preserving and the benefits of preservation before we can be advocates. We provide educational events and opportunities throughout the year in order to foster a greater understanding of European and Georgian cultural legacy and the need to preserve it.

Our mission is to empower people to recognize the significance of historic resources, to preserve them for future generations, and to integrate them into everyday life through redevelopment, lifelong learning, and community conversations.

We offer a variety of programs including learn-by-doing workshops, lectures, heritage tours, community events, social meets ups, and volunteer opportunities from interested amateurs to working professionals.

We provide programmes that encourage and nurture the talent of young artists in the performing, fine and applied arts, actors and writers, architects and designers, art historians and preservationists to improve opportunities for young professionals working creatively within arts and cultural heritage preservation. We support the conservation of historic or artistically important objects and artworks, places of worship, historic buildings and their grounds, and their accessibility to the public.

We also offer engaging community workshops and activities that emphasize public participation, urban and community planning, and sustainability through practicing participatory, creative, and transformative approaches in linking together communities with public and business sectors.

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